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About Us

Think back to the last time you received an unexpected card from an associate or friend… Remember how good you felt when you realized that they took the time to actually send you a card? We can help you give that same feeling to your clients, associates and friends by providing you with high-quality business holiday cards.

Mailing an elegant business holiday card sends a strong message to customers, prospects, associates, and friends. Cards communicate to others that they are in your thoughts during the holiday season and throughout the year. Business Holidays Cards has been serving clients since 2003 and has grown to develop a loyal following of corporations, professionals, and businesses that enjoy quality and value in personalized business holiday cards. Business Holidays Cards searches the personalized Holiday card market to bring the finest business Holiday card values in the marketplace directly to you. Like every successful business, Business Holidays Cards is dedicated to building a long term relationship with our customers. That means providing a quality product at a competitive price with excellent service. Our goal is to be your single supplier for premier business holiday cards. There are thousands of businesses, professionals, corporations and individuals who have experienced our excellent service.

We believe in offering you quality and genuine value – not gimmicks. Some companies raise their holiday card prices and then offer BIG DISCOUNTS. We offer everyday pricing with early order discounts. Buy 100 cards for less than $2.35 per card! Buy 300 cards for less than $2.10 per card! Buy 1,000 cards for even less than $1.40 per card! This is the price before you get an early order discount! Think of the savings when you order early.

Whether you send out 50 cards or 50,000 cards, we have a card to meet your needs. For large orders of 2,000 cards or more, we’ll work with you to design and produce a custom card that reflects you and your unique message. Business Holidays Cards – it’s what we do and how we’ll serve you! We will work diligently to maintain your trust in us.

If you have any questions while shopping for your greeting cards, please be sure to
email us at: [email protected]